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    As we are now on the back end of Thanksgiving with the holidays upon us, a lot of us are thinking about new automation routines using Siri Shortcuts. One shortcoming with the new system is the inability to address a specific HomePod via Siri Shortcut. You can play music through a specific HomePod by triggering the shortcut with your voice. Of that today. I’m thinking, however, in terms of a remote trigger that doesn’t involve me talking to the specific HomePod. What if I just want to trigger a shortcut that has a music playlist in it and address a specific HomePod without using my voice?

    Or even better, I’ve got a HomeKit switch on my front door. Why can’t the act of opening my front door enable me to not only turn on the Christmas tree lights but also play my Yule playlist through the downstairs HomePod? For the time being, at least, you are going to have to trigger that playlist from the HomePod itself using your voice. While I’ll agree that Siri Shortcuts got a lot further in the last six months than I ever expected it, this is definitely one of those tools where the more I get, the more I want. I have spent a lot of time in the last few months trying to figure out how to configure my Apple watch infograph watch face. This watch face certainly brings to mind the old warning about being careful what you wish for. For so long I've been looking for a watch face with many complications and now Apple has given it to me.

    The problem is, I made a big mess out of it. My first attempts involved using all of the available complications. If it was shiny, I put it in. The trouble with that is the complications surrounding the watch hands tend to blend in with the watch hands. As a result, when you glance at your watch, sometimes it is difficult to tell what time it is. Ultimately, I decided that complications in the center of the watch face were generally a bad idea. The only exception I made for that was the calendar watch face.

    I hyper-schedule my days. I like having appointments set up for my next tasks and I run these all day. I frequently look at my watch to see where I need to go next or what I need to be working on next. Having the calendar available and the next event written across the top of the infograph face is quite useful. For that reason, I have been leaving the calendar in the center complication, but that's it.

    The rest of the center of the watch face is blank. Making it easy to read the watch hands. The idea of this watch face is to create something for use during the day while I'm trying to be productive. I have a separate face that I use for my workouts. I did not include any health-related information on this watch face.

    Instead, I knew I wanted to use the drafts and OmniFocus complications. The trouble with these complications is that they add text along the rim of the actual watch face. With OmniFocus, it gives you your next task, and with drafts, it gives you your inbox count. I don't want that across the top of the watch face because looking at those words on top of the next appointment makes a jumble of letters that again is difficult to read as you're getting through your day.

    As a result, I decided to put the OmniFocus in drafts complications in the bottom slots. For a while, I tried the watch just like this with no additional complications across the top, but it made the watch look bottom heavy, and I do love complications. As a result, I decided to put some additional complications across the top of the screen.

    I don't want words combining with my next appointment, a condition of any complication going across the top of the screen is that it'd not have words across the bottom of it, but instead a line or some other graphic image. Ultimately, I decided on the timer and CARROT weather. I use timers all day for things like the Pomodoro Technique or just checking on the water in the garden. This one has already been a winner for me on my day to day watch face. I'm not sure about the need for a weather complication.

    I live in California, and the weather is generally pretty mild. I don't need a minute by minute update of what the temperature is. I am, in general, pretty happy with this setup for the Apple infograph watch face.

    I am, however, still not entirely convinced it's any better than the Siri watch face. I used the Siri watch face all of last year, and it generally gives me the information I need when I need it.


    I am disappointed that it hasn't done a better job of servicing third-party application information as we were promised with iOS 12. While I'm giving the infograph face a real try here for awhile, I can't promise I won't ultimately end up back on the Siri watch face, particularly if it gets better at third-party integration.

    For several years now there's been a running bit on the Mac Power Users about me wrapping gifts. The thing is it's all true. Setting up autorecover in excel 2011 for mac. I really enjoy wrapping holiday gifts. I'm obsessive about it.

    Since I now have my to distribute video, I thought it would be fun this holiday season to share a few trade secrets. So now you can sign up for my. In this 15 minute video I explain and share my favorite wrapping 'tools' (Yes. They exist.) and then I wrap a present and show you my tricks to have no exposed tape and no seams, among other things.

    Asian Woman Wallpaper For Macbook

    It's fun and just takes 15 minutes to watch. Also, it’s free. Maybe you can impress your family this holiday season with your own excellently wrapped gifts. This week MacSparky is sponsored by, the email service that can help you get control of your inbox.

    I’ve had some significant challenges lately on my time. Before SaneBox came into my life, times of unexpected down time always preceeded an email train wreck. That’s not the case for me now though. SaneBox helped me stay on top of the most important email and kept things going. With SaneBox, you add a powerful set of email tools that can work in just about any email client.

    SaneBox allows you to:. Wake up everyday to find that the SaneBox robots have automatically sorted your incoming email for you so you can address the important and ignore the irrelevant. Defer email for hours, days, or weeks so it is out of your life until a more appropriate time.

    Set secret reminders so if someone doesn’t reply to an important email, SaneBox gives you a nudge to follow up. Automatically save attachments to the cloud (like Dropbox). Use their SaneForward service to automatically send appropriate emails to services such as Evernote, Expensify, and Kayak. Move unwanted email to the SaneBlackHole and never see anything from that person again. One of the best parts about SaneBox being a web services is that it works no matter which mail application you prefer. If you want to jump between different mail apps on your iPad, no problem. If you want to upgrade your Mac to High Sierra, there’s no need to wait for SaneBox to work.

    It already does. SaneBox is a set of tools that will move with you between different applications on different platforms with no trouble at all. Why not straighten out your email today? I’ve been a paying subscriber for years and can’t imagine getting by without it. If you sign up with, you even get a discount off your subscription.

    This one pushes all of my buttons. As an annual passholder, I've enjoyed watching Star Wars grow out of the Disneyland backlot over the last year.

    The new Star Wars themed land will be called Galaxy's Edge and, thanks to Josh Gad (long story), I spent some quality time with the primary Galaxy's Edge designers. If you are curious, I explain the story and the details in This week Disney announced that John Williams is creating new and original Star Wars themes just for the new park. They even posted a video showcasing the new music with some very recent flybys through the area under construction. Disney says the California iteration of Galaxy's Edge is supposed to open this summer. Every time I watch the below video, my inner eight-year-old flips out.

    There are several good Black Friday Deals available today. Apple HomePod (up to $100 off) While this product seemed to start with a fizzle, it is definitely gaining momentum. Everyone loves them in my house. If you’ve got an Apple Music subscription, they’re great. Today for $100 off and Costco has them for $80 off (Costco Membership required). Apple Gift Cards with Apple Hardware Apple’s involves giving away Apple Store Gift Cards with purchases going all the way up to $200 with a new Mac. Application Sales Some of my favorite applications are also on sale: – $2.99 (usually $9.99) – $1.99 (usually $4.99) – $24.99 (usually $49.99 – $9.99 (usually $19.99) – $9.99 (usually $19.99) – $5.99 (usually $9.99) (30% off) (30% off) – $34.99 (usually $49.99) – $34.99 (usually $49.99) – $20.99 (usually $29.99) – $13.99 (usually $19.99) – $2.99 (usually $4.99) – $2.99 (Usually $9.99) – $1.99 (Usually $9.99).

    This week MacSparky.com is sponsored by, the easiest way to start automating your work on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. TextExpander is a text replacement tool.

    With it, you can type a phrase like “ccell” and it will automatically fill in your cell phone number. But TextExpander is so much more than that.

    TextExpander brings so much power to text automation, including Team Support. I’m a TextExpander for teams subscriber myself. Using TextExpander, my team supporting the Field Guides is able to get quick responses to customer inquiries with exactly the right information. Imagine if all of your customer support team could use a common bank of snippets, written and edited by your best writers and shared with everyone on your team. Not only that you can update the snippets at any time and they automatically populate to everyone. I’ve done so much with TextExpander over the years that I even have I’ve created that you can download ranging from movie to reviews to conference calls.

    One of my personal favorite groups is foreign thanks where you can say thank you to people in most language. Sending an email to a French friend, just type “french thanks” and TextExpander gives you “Merci”. It’s like your own, personal translator. To learn more, head over to and let them know you heard about it at MacSparky in the “Where did you hear about us” field.

    Jason Snell wrote a in Macworld about exactly how configurable Apple will make future MacBooks and MacBook Airs. In short, he thinks our options will be limited and that is born out by the currently shipping MacBook Airs that will let you pick RAM and Storage levels but offers no configuration as to the processor. I agree with Jason. Particularly if Apple moves the Macs (or some portion of the Macs) over to ARM processors, I believe they will be treated as appliance computers more than ever before. Consumers buy iPads and iPhones without considering processor (or RAM!) customization and I think Apple would love to pull off the same trick on the Mac. Listen to for our annual Holiday Geek Gift Guide.


    Katie and I run down our favorite gift picks for the year as well as what's on our own holiday wish lists. This episode of is sponsored by:.: The only hardware solution that turns your iPad into a wireless display for your Mac. Use promo code POWER at checkout for 10% off.: With powerful PDF-editing tools, available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, PDFpen from Smile makes you a Mac Power User.: Have you ever forgotten a password?

    Now you don't have to worry about that anymore. Save up to 20% using this link.: Stop drowning in email! This week MacSparky is sponsored by and their latest version of, now out for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. This latest version adds several new features while still keeping it a beautiful (and usable) app. What features you may ask?

    I have a list:. Tags!

    Make them for people, energy level, priority, location, or whatever floats your boat. The Forecast view now shows your tasks and calendar events in order, so you can better see what’s coming up in your day and adjust if needed. Enhanced repeating tasks are easier than ever to set up, and they work with real-world examples, such as the first weekday of the month. Batch editing has been brought over from the Mac, and it lets you set due dates, tags, and other data for multiple tasks all at once. Flexible inspectors now allow you to show only the features you use and reorder them, so your favorites are where you want them. Mixed tasks and events so you can see how your appointments stack up against your essential tasks.

    As with everything the Omni Group makes, the app is functional, powerful, and beautiful. Don't believe me? Head over to the and download the trial and then watch the free portion of my. You'll immediately see the benefits of using software made for people that get it done.

    Also, make sure you let them know you heard about here. On, Katie and I chat with Laura McClellan of the Productive Woman podcast to discuss her perspectives on productivity, finding and using the right virtual assistant, creating a community around her podcast, routines, habits, and more. This episode of is sponsored by:.: Make your next move.

    Enter offer code MPU at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.: The only hardware solution that turns your iPad into a wireless display for your Mac. Use promo code POWER at checkout for 10% off.: Have you ever forgotten a password? Now you don't have to worry about that anymore. Save up to 20% using this link.: We're passionate about productivity for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Today we release (Double Digits!), where venture into the brave new world of web automation. We start with grand-daddy,.

    We begin comparing and contrasting Zapier with other web automation services, like. Cleanapp mac cleanapp for mac. Did you know you can combine Zapier with?

    We tell you how. Next Rose explains some of the Zapier recipes we use to automate the production of Automators. (Of course we do that.) This show is sponsored by, which we both love very much. Next I explain some basics about triggers and actions. We know this comes up often in automation, but Zapier has it’s own unique snowflake way of covering that, so we explain it. Eventually, we get to Zap organization, which makes Rose very happy. I use Zapier a lot on the legal side.

    I use a lot of web services and Zapier lets me tie them together, particularly with client on-boarding. I explain my ongoing journey in that regard. There are a few caveats, but we are both subscribers and Zapier believers. Zapier makes you happier. Want to see all the Automator production Zaps?

    Asian Woman Wallpaper For Mac